NOVA- BOVA cooperation

BOVA UN and NOVA UN  – cooperation networks between Nordic and Baltic Veterinary, Forestry and Agricultural universities. Netwoks maintaining and developing further the ongoing cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic agricultural universities. The program is directly linked to the activities of the Nordic NOVA University as one of its priority areas. In September 1996, Baltic Agricultural Universities signed a formal agreement, thereby establishing BOVA UN (Baltic Veterinary, Forestry and Agricultural University network).

Through promoting higher education and research BOVA UN and NOVA UN aims to better understanding and expertise in sustainable use of the natural resources, food production, rural development, and environmental protection. The cooperation lead to a more efficient use of both intellectual and financial resources and benefit all counterparts in areas of academic education and research in agricultural, forestry and veterinary sciences. The main activities are initiation of thematic networks, organisation of intensive courses for MSc and PhD students and for young teachers and researchers as well.

Member universities (faculties) of NOVA-BOVA cooperation program are:

NOVA Universities BOVA Universities

Agricultural College Hvanneyri, LBHI, Iceland

Norwegian University of Life Sciences, UMB

Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, NVH

University of Helsinki, HU, Finland:

– Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry,

– Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

University of East Finland, Faculty of Forest Sciences, JEF, Finland

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Sciences, Denmark

University of Aarhus, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Denmark

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, Sweden

Estonian University of Life Sciences, EMU

Latvia University of Agriculture, LLU

Aleksandras Stulginskis University, ASU

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, LSMU

You may address to local  BOVA coordinator Minvydas Liegus / for more detailed information.
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