ERASMUS information for international students of VMU-AA

Most information about the ERASMUS exchange studies in European universities is in Lithuanian language. There is some short information in English about the selection procedure and information on exchange possibilities.

Information about possibilities to study abroad under ERASMUS is distributed in faculties announcements, internet pages, at Faculties deans’ offices (vice-deans responsible for Erasmus programme), International department.

Application procedure to participate in ERASMUS programme.

All ASU students (including studying in English) should fulfill the applications to participate in selection of students for ERASMUS exchange. The on-line application form is in Lithuanian language. Here You can find the file with English explanation of Lithuanian application fields.

ERASMUS application form is here.

This application should be fulfilled by stating individual requests, saved, printed, signed and delivered to according faculty coordinator (vice-dean responsible for Erasmus programme) before the middle of March of current year.

The average mark of results of studies stated by the Vice-Dean of Faculty and evaluation of foreign language knowledge stated by Department of Languages should be written in the application.

Criteria of final selection of students to the programme:

a) minimum one year of studies finished at home university in the same area before leaving abroad under the ERASMUS programme;

b) former participation in the studies abroad under ERASMUS programme together with applying period not exceeds 12 month period;

c) sufficient knowledge of foreign language;

d) level of study results at ASU,

e) unblemished behaviour during former studies in ASU and abroad.

The final selection of students to participate in ERASMUS programme from next study year will be done before the end of April of current year.

It is possible to have several study and training periods under ERASMUS programme, but the total time of all those periods can not exceed 12 months for each level of studies (BSc, MSc and PhD).

One  minimal ERASMUS period is:

– 3 months for studies;

– 2 months for training.

List of selected students is anounced in notice boards of faculties. The applications to according universities are presented in internet (on-line or MS Word files – see in bellow).

Study plans. To fulfill the ERASMUS applications and Learning Agreements students should find the study plans and timetables of courses in according universities. The brochures of some universities with information about ERASMUS studies and study plans could be found in ASU library in Central building. Other information should be found in web-sites of partner universities. The links to those web-sites are presented in ERASMUS web-site of ASU (see bellow).

All required ERASMUS docs are avialable here.

Selection of the university for exchange studies and looking for study plans the students can make according the data in the list of European universities, where are possible ERASMUS studies.

In this list are presented:

  • universities‘ titles (with the links to web-sites),
  • possible study exchange areas (f.e. žemės ūkis – agriculture, ekonomika ir vadyba – economics and management, vandens ūkio mokslai – water science and hydraulics, inžinerija – engineering, miškininkystė – forestry, agronomija – agronomy),
  • level (cycle) of possible exchange (bakalauro – BSc studies, magistrantūros – MSc studies, doktorantūros – PhD studies),
  • links to ERASMUS exchange web-sites of according universities (daugiau informacijos – internete),
  • links to ERASMUS on-line applications (paraiškos formos – internete)
  • zipped files with applications and other information (suzipuotuose failuose).

Languages of studies:

  • Belgium, Denmark Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden – mainly in English;
  • Croatia, Czech, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovak – mainly in national language, wide possibility to choose in English;
  • Austria, Germany – in German, some possibilities to choose in English
  • Spain – in Spanish, some possibilities to choose in English;
  • France – in French, some possibilities to choose in English;
  • Greece, Italy, Portugal, Turkey – lectures in national language; examination – in national or English languages.

Here You can find the list and contacts of ASU partners at European universities.

Information about ERASMUS training placements for International students of VMU-AA.