Study evaluation system in ASU


Every course is concluded by either written or oral examination. A student who fails the examination is allowed to re-take it once more. The grading scale used by ASU is based on a number scale of 1 (very poor) to 10 (excellent). In addition to this ten-point system, the pass/fail system is used, 5 and higher being a passing grade, and 4 or lower a failing grade.

Pass/ Fail ASU Grade  Knowledge (study objectives) percentage, % ECTS grade  Definition 
Pass 10 100 A Excellent
Pass 9 90-99 B Very good
Pass 8 80-89 C Good
Pass 7 70-79 D Average
Pass 6 60-69 D Sufficient
Pass 5 50-59 E Week
Fail 4 <50 FX Fail
Fail 3 <50 FX Fail
Fail 2 <50 F Fail
Fail 1 <50 F Fail